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Europe at Work is a three-part teaching package. Part 1 gives an introduction to EU lawmaking. Part 2 makes the process tangible through a digitally facilitated Edu-LARP. Part 3 encourages classroom reflection.

Teacher preparation

The role of teachers is described in the teachers' manual. When playing the game, one game master must be chosen among the teachers. The game master's job is described in the game master manual. 

Part 1 – before the game

Go through the legislative process of the EU with Factsheet 1. Use legislation about the free movement of the workforce as a case with Factsheet 2 and the assignments. 

Part 2 – Europe at Work

In Europe at Work the students must negotiate a directive. The EU-Commission, member states, parliament, special interests and the media all wrestle for new rules about the freedom of movement for the workforce. All students get a role and are supported by the platform.  

You will need:

  • 70-250 students

  • 5 hours

  • Computers or tablets for everyone

  • 1 teacher per participating class

Part 3 – after the game

Go through the students' experiences from Europe at Work and put them into perspective with the accompanying materials. Focus on the negotiation flow, the interplay between actors or the societal conflicts they express.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
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