Europe Alive

Europe Alive is an innovative learning method that allows high school students to experience directly how European cooperation works.

70-250 students become active participants in the EU-legislation proces through a computer-assisted role playing game. 

  • Makes the EU-curriculum accessible and relatable

  • Gamified universe engages all students in new ways

  • Students learn why and how the EU works

  • Core learning goals are achieved


Europe Alive is a teaching package that is ready to be put to use in the classroom.

It is available in English, German, Dutch and Danish

If you want to learn more about the background and didactical principles behind Europe Alive, click here.


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About Europe Alive

Erasmus+ 2016


Praise for Europe Alive

Teachers at Leonore Goldschmidt Schule, 2020

... a great succes which gave the students personal, social and academic competences beyond what we expected.