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Why Europe Alive?

European cooperation is rarely made  tangible and exciting to students by textbooks and traditional teaching. That is why we have created the project Europe Alive.

Europe Alive is a series of Edu-LARPs – educational live action role playing games. Our innovative learning method gives

high school students a closer understanding of EU institutions, and empower them to look behind simplified communication about the EU.​

Europe Alive

Europe Alive

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A group of students paying attention to something to the right



Retain the students' attention and motivation


Teach students to act in a complex world like the EU


Make the most of existing digital technologies in teaching


Activate 70-250 students: physically, socially, emotionally & academically


Teach difficult concepts through playful, gamified methods 


Spark an interest in EU politics & participation

Access a ready-to-use teaching package that covers core Social Science goals 

The digital Europe Alive platform creates an immersive learning universe that builds academic content into the student interplay.

Challenge-driven progression keeps students motivated and absorbed in the game universe and ensures student engagement throughout the day.

A Mac-computer displaying the Europe at Work-platform, while students are seen working in the background

Teachers have a crucial facilitating role, where they act as guides through the group work, shared meetings and the advanced academic content.  

Educational materials can be downloaded from the website. These contain discussion points and tasks easily incorporated in lessons before and after the game.

To discover more about the ideas that power Europe at Work, download and read the pdf The didactical ideas behind Europe at Work.

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