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What is the purpose of the game?
What are the rules?
What is the role of the teacher(s)?
What do we need to play?
What does it cost to play?
What technologies power Europe at Work?
Who should play?
Who is behind Europe at Work?
Who distributes the game in my country?
Who are the good guys and the bad guys?
What can my students expect to learn?
Which educational materials are used?
Which countries are part of the game?
Are other games available?
How is a game prepared?
Is Europe at Work positive or skeptical towards the EU?
How can my organisation offer Europe at Work in my country?
Must all students have a computer?
Is Europe at Work a computer game?
Is it possible to have remote participants?
Are all EU countries part of the game?
Is the EU behind Europe Alive?
Is the EU behind Europe Alive?
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