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Your data


While visiting our website we collect data to adjust and enhance the content on the website. If you do not wish for this information to be gathered, you should erase your cookies from the settings on your personal computer as well as omit further use of the website. The following is an elaboration regarding the gathered data, including the type of data, which third parties have access to the data as well as the purpose of the collected data.



This website uses cookies, which are text files that are stored on your electronic devices. They allow the website to recognise settings, generate statistics and personalise adds. 





Personal data is all forms of information that may be traced back to you in any way possible. We collect and manage this type of data during the time you use our website, for instance whilst filling out our contact form. We usually gather and manage the following types of information: A unique ID and technical information regarding your electronic device, your IP address, geographic placement as well as what sites you view. If you give us your consent to gather information regarding your name and e-mail address, we will also manage these.



We treat your personal data safely and confidentially in compliance with the current legislation, including the General Data Protection Regulation.

Your information will be used for no other purpose than the one it has been gathered for and will be erased as soon as this purpose is fulfilled or no longer has its relevance.

We have both technical and organisational measures to ensure that personal data does not get lost or erased, not by accident or as the result of illegal actions, nor that it gets published, abused or ends in the hands of an unauthorised party.



The data collected is used to identify you as a user of this website as well as to ensure that we deliver the service that has been requested by you as a user, including receiving more information. Furthermore, we use the information to optimise our service and content.


Aggregate period for data storage

We store data during the period of time granted and stated through the legislation, and we erase it as soon as it no longer has its relevance and therefore is no longer useful according to its purpose. The granted period is dependent on the type of information as well as the purpose for storing it. Hence it is not possible to ensure a general timeframe for storage and/or erasing of information.

Personal data handover

We do not hand over information regarding your use of our website, the type of ads you receive, geographic placement, gender or segment of age to any type of third parties.


We use third parties for storing or managing data. The management of such information is exclusively on our behalf and the data may therefore not be used for any kind of personal purpose.


The passing on of personal information such as name and email etc. can only happen through your own consent. We only use third parties for data management inside of the EU or in countries that can guarantee a sufficient data protection.


Insights and complaints

You have a right to be informed about the type of personal data we manage regarding your use of our website in a regular format. In addition to this it is your right at any given time to make insights towards the management of your personal data. It is also possible to withdraw your consent to the management of your personal data. If the data that we are managing regarding your use of the website is incorrect, you have the right to demand that it gets deleted or rectified.


You can make an application to regarding the above or if you no longer wish for us to manage your personal data, our wish for us to limit our management of such. If you wish to complain about our management of your personal data, you can also get in touch with the Danish Data Inspectorate (Datatilsynet).


The website is owned and published by:


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